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Focus on soldering process

From manual soldering to automatic soldering iron soldering to laser soldering, we focus on soldering and provide you with more targeted soldering solutions with our professional application experience!

Technical product advantages - integrated soldering system

We can standardize the selected solution while ensuring its quality and reliability. Customer perspective is also an important consideration when we choose technology; It is precisely because customers can put forward extensive opinions and specific requirements that we can create products that customers trust.

After sales service commitment

Before, during and after sales, special personnel are assigned to follow up the service. The product will be evaluated in detail and tested for free before sale; After the customer purchases the product, he/she will provide training for relevant users for 2 days to 1 week. Technicians who encounter problems in the use process will follow up and solve them in a timely manner. He/she promises to spend 4 hours in Guangdong Province and arrive at the site the next day outside Guangdong Province to solve problems, and a special person will visit him/her regularly.


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