Characteristics of ultrasonic plastic welding machine Application of ultrasonic plastic welding machine

Working principle of ultrasonic plastic welding machine
The ultrasonic energy is transmitted to the welding area through the upper weldment. Because the sound resistance of the welding area, i.e. the interface between two welds, is large, local high temperature will be generated. Due to the poor thermal conductivity of the plastic, it can not be distributed in time and is gathered in the welding area, resulting in the rapid melting of the contact surface of the two plastics. After a certain pressure is added, it is fused into one. When the ultrasonic wave stops acting, let the pressure continue for a few seconds to solidify and form, so as to form a solid molecular chain, which can achieve the purpose of welding, and the welding strength can be close to the strength of raw materials.
Features of ultrasonic plastic welding machine
1. Japan NTK series transducer, imported cylinder, strong power and good stability.
2. The machine body is designed with anti tilting and coaxial direct compression, with balanced pressure application and improved welding precision.
3.2600W power output, suitable for welding of large plastic products, with good welding effect.
4. Assembly of main electrical components and high-quality imported parts.
5. The generator plate and crystal plate are imported from Taiwan with original packaging.
6. The alloy layer welding die is not easy to wear and durable.
7. The unique horizontal screw design makes the mold easy to debug.
8. The welding limit system will prevent the workpiece from overflowing glue after welding.
9. Smart structure, reasonable design and beautiful appearance.
Application of ultrasonic plastic welding machine
1: Ultrasonic welding: ultrasonic vibration will transfer the ultrasonic energy to the plastic surface for welding along with the ultrasonic welding mold, so local high temperature will be generated to melt the plastic surface. Under the pressure of the ultrasonic welding machine, the two pieces of plastic can be welded, beautiful and solid.
2: Ultrasonic implant: insert the nut, screw or other metal into the plastic workpiece. The ultrasonic energy is transmitted to the metal through the ultrasonic machine. After heat generation by high-speed vibration, the metal objects are directly buried into the plastic under the pressure of the ultrasonic machine.
3: Ultrasonic riveting: The metal and plastic or two pieces of plastic with different properties can be joined together by using the ultrasonic riveting method to make the weldment not brittle, beautiful and solid.
4: Ultrasonic spot welding: use the small welding head of the ultrasonic machine to divide the two plastic products into multi-point welding, or directly press the whole row of tooth shaped welding heads on the two plastic workpieces, so as to achieve the effect of ultrasonic spot welding.
5: Ultrasonic molding: The plastic workpiece is instantly melted and molded by the ultrasonic machine. When the plastic solidifies, it can make the metal or plastic of other materials firm.
6: Ultrasonic cutting: use the special design method of ultrasonic welding die and base to achieve the effect of ultrasonic cutting cloth or plastic through the transmission of ultrasonic.


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