What are the soldering skills for circuit boards

For electronic amateurs, when they are making some circuit boards, they can only weld them by hand. It is generally OK to weld one or two pieces, but occasionally when they need to weld more than 10 pieces, they may not be in such a good state. If you want to weld well, you must first understand the welding skills of the circuit board. Here is a brief introduction to the welding skills of the circuit board.
·Step 1 of PCB welding skills
First, heat the electric soldering iron until it can just melt the soldering tin, apply the flux, and then evenly smear the soldering tin on the soldering head of Antaixin electric soldering iron, until a thin layer of bright tin is formed on the surface of the soldering head.
Secondly, in general welding, one hand holds the electric soldering iron and the other hand holds the solder wire, close to each other, and the tip of the soldering iron touches the root of the solder wire slightly to form a solder joint.
Then, in the welding process, the welding time should not be too long. If the welding time is too long, it is very easy to burn the welding elements. If necessary, auxiliary tools can be used. Finally, place the electric soldering iron on the soldering iron frame.
·Step 2 of PCB welding skills
The welding sequence of components shall be from difficult to easy, from low to high, and from mounting to inserting. Take the integrated chip with dense pins as an example, this is a difficult place in the welding process. If the difficult part is put in the final welding, in case of defects in the welding and damage to the pad, all previous efforts will be wasted. Therefore, the order of "difficult first, easy second" is still very practical.
As for the reason why it is low first and then high, the reason is that it is convenient for welding. If there are many high components in the circuit, it will be inconvenient to weld the components with lower height if the components with higher height are welded first. If the plug-in component is welded first and then the chip is mounted, the circuit board will be placed unevenly on the welding table during welding, resulting in welding defects.
This is the end of the information about PCB soldering techniques. I hope this article will be helpful to you. If there is anything you don't understand, you can pay attention to Qijia.com, and we will answer it for you as soon as possible.


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