Laser soldering unit

JAPANUNIX laser welding unit for interconnection and visualization

Laser weldi

JAPANUNIX laser welding unit for interconnection and visualization

Laser welding has been established as one of the post-welding process methods, and the new laser welding unit developed to achieve a higher level of process management mainly enhances traceability and temperature measurement and control functions.
Real-time measurement and control of the temperature of each soldering point, including laser output and other conditions, using dedicated PC software (Soldering mananger Pro for ULD-02) to monitor and store on the PC.





Thermo Pro™ and Soldering Manager for advanced management of the laser welding process

In addition to the traditional laser welding management items (output, time, etc.), Thermo Pro™ also provides temperature management and control during the welding process. In addition, by using the dedicated PC software (Soldering Manager Pro FOR ULD-02), each welding status can be monitored in real time and stored on the PC.
The video storage function of the coaxial camera is also possible, and rich production management can be performed remotely.

  • Real-time monitoring of welding information, able to obtain solder log data, and edit laser soldering conditions.
  • By connecting with a pyrometer, "Thermo Pro™" can use the temperature control function to realize real-time monitoring of welding temperature and dynamic laser power control, as well as log data collection.
  • Achieve more stable welding and achieve target temperature control.
  • The dedicated PC software (Soldering Manager Pro for ULD-02) monitors in real time, saves the video during the soldering process, and enhances the traceability.

Optimize laser shape and improve welding efficiency! Not only suitable for post-soldering processes, but also for SMT

Optimized laser shape for efficient heat supply. Corresponding to different shapes, such as circle, oval, square, ring.

The multi-φ function allows the laser spot size to be changed without changing the Z-axis working distance. Under different pad sizes, laser shape optimization can also be achieved.
The area laser not only supports the soldering of the traditional post-soldering process, but also applies to SMT partial reflow. Thanks to Thermo Pro ™, "Soldering Manager Pro for ULD-02", supports visualization of the reflow process

area_laser_soldering_shapes - 300x155


With external editing function

Communication is via data link, allowing conditions to be edited externally. Highly integrated devices can also design an integrated interface for simple condition editing.

Solder feed can also be controlled

The ULD-02 controller can also control tin feeding. One controller can realize the integrated control of laser and tin feeding, which makes the operation more convenient.



The standard configuration

Laser Controller ULD-02E Laser Driver ULD-02D Laser generator ULD-02G




Touch screen operation box ULD-TPU laser head Soldering Manager Lite for ULD-02



*optical fiber



ThermoPro™ (temperature control function)




Alien laser



area laser



Soldering Manager
Pro for ULD-021653537211-8188.jpg
Tin feeding position lock




laser power 45W/75W external dimensions driver 400W*140H*310D
wavelength 808nm/940nm controller 400W*144H*310D
Fiber Diameter Φ0.4mm-0.6mm generator 250W*215H*292D
laser focal length F=60/80/100/120mm touch screen 244W*150H*62.5D
Laser spot diameter Φ0.2–Φ1.2mm weight drive 8.4kg
Fiber length 3m (5m: optional) controller 7.5kg
shutter Software-operated shutter (mechanical shutter: optional) generator 10.8kg
Number of laser conditions 63 (internal and external control of tin feeder) 127 (no tin feeder) touch screen 1.2kg
cooling method Forced air cooling laser head 0.7kg
ambient temperature 20–30°C Voltage AC200-239V 50/60Hz 4.9-4.2A
humidity 20–80% (without frosting) power consumption Control part: 0.3A Power part: 4.6–3.9A
*Safety standard: IEC class 4 label


Laser Controller ULD-02E1653537208-7488.jpg


Laser Driver ULD-02D


Laser generator ULD-02G



Touch screen operation box ULD-TPU



laser head

Soldering Manager Lite for ULD-02






ThermoPro™ (temperature control function)



Alien laser


area laser


Soldering Manager
Pro for ULD-02

Soldering_Manager_Lite_LOGO (1)

Tin feeding position lock


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