Laser soldering machine

The automated soldering process that had been abandoned was finally realized by laser soldering.

Features of laser equipment

  • Easy-to-understand laser soldering position confirmation*
  • Standard coaxial CCD camera on the laser soldering head*
  • soft shutter
  • 75W, 45W
  • 4 laser categories. A protective case provides the necessary protection.
Scalar type robot installation example


Multi-axis robot installation example



Example of deployment of desktop robots



laser controller


laser generator

Laser solder head

Laser solder head

Laser irradiation position mark

line type



Committed to realizing soldering automation.
At the same time, it supports the design of necessary equipment on the production line and the introduction of automatic handling systems.

According to the needs of customers, the introduction equipment can be customized.
In accordance with the equipment manufacturing specifications established by each company, and in cooperation with designated equipment manufacturers,
we provide not only equipment, but also processes and optimal soldering equipment introduction plans.


Existing welding systems have been standardized to solve automation problems for various customers. Choose one of our existing models,

These models are semi-automatic types, automatic transmission systems, and many more to suit your needs. The system includes a multi-

Axis soldering robot or desktop soldering robot. Contact soldering iron soldering and laser soldering can be used.

Compact Laser Soldering Machine - 300x249

Intelligent laser welding system with conveyor belt

Ditch the jig!
Perfect integration of part insertion and soldering

In the Universe series, electronic parts selection, substrate insertion, and soldering are automated, eliminating the need for jigs and flipping operations. A series of process automation has achieved today's complete automation. In unmanned and labor-saving mode, 24-hour operation can be realized.


Achieving a yield rate of 99.99%

The cycle cycle is shortened by 1/3
and the equipment space is also reduced by 1/3

Production efficiency (UPH) is 3 times higher than before


Laser Soldering System Optolser System UNIX-LS Series


1. Robot operation, image processing is directly controlled by peripheral computer
2. Image position correction function
3. Adopt semiconductor laser wave that does not damage the substrate components

This laser welding system responds to car parts to smartphone parts based on the experience accumulated in the field and customer requirements.

Equipped with coaxial CCD imaging system
, the position can be taught conveniently through the coaxial CCD imaging sensor. Solder yield is improved by correcting each point from the recognition mark to the pad. More miniaturization
Compared with before, the overall volume is reduced by 30%, and the occupied area is small. The height of the machine is reduced, and the visibility of the production line is better
Energy measurement function
Use the energy measurement device to measure and save the actual measured value of the laser output. Data can be exported as a CSV file. Can manage laser input and output values
​​● Simple AOI function can
use image processing system to judge the state after soldering. Helps to judge defective products The Z-axis sensor detects and corrects the height
. Small height deviations in ultra-high-density mounting will greatly affect solder quality. The detection and correction of laser height can greatly improve the yield rate
Operator safety
As a laser system manufacturer with leading technology, the design conforms to CLASS 4 specifications
●The maintenance
sliding protective glass can protect the optical system. Easy to clean and maintain
●Suitable for a variety of production lines,
not only suitable for OFFLINE production of multiple varieties and small quantities of production. Also available on request in large batches INLINE with two layers of sliding protective glass




fully customized

We offer you a complete set of introduction concepts regarding dimensions, electrical and mechanical equipment design, safety enclosures with sensors, loaders and unloaders, automatic transfers, etc.

In addition, we can cooperate with the equipment manufacturer designated by the customer to propose the best production line design.


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