High speed laser soldering

High Speed ​​Laser Soldering

It takes less than 0.3 seconds for each d

Ultrahigh speed innovation ultra small


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2x overdrive. Achieve unimaginable speed.


About half of what it used to be. 0.3 seconds/point

A new construction method that subverts the traditional concept of soldering.


Regardless of solder paste or solder wire, only one set is required

Equipment size can be freely designed


Small size, space-saving & power-saving

・Incorporated a new technology in the laser irradiation device
・The speed is about twice that of the conventional laserLess
than 30 seconds per 100 points

・Unification of front and rear processes*
・Equipped with a coaxial observation system. High-speed soldering can be observed with naked eyes
・Easy setting and operation through direct demonstration
・Automatic correction and error detection functions will be realized in the future

・Can be designed from the smallest size to large-scale equipment・After fixing the workbench
, the occupied area can be greatly reduced Can*

*Subject to change depending on the number of parts and conditions

Effect drawing of high-speed soldering


Partial reflow soldering using solder paste


Solder ball reforming


micro wire soldering


Surface mount components and insert components

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