GF series gantry soldering platform

Gantry soldering robot

Gantry type soldering platform GF series<

     Gantry soldering system UNIX-GF4S (contact type)      Gantry laser soldering system UNIX-GF3L (laser)








Equipped with 4-axis/3-axis Orthogonal Robot I

Integrates an ergonomically friendly teaching program specially designed for welding

Support soldering iron welding and laser welding

Numerous options including changing shaft length, image processing, thermometer and QR scanner

Up to 2 additional axes can be added (option)

Teaching, monitoring and operation logs using solder management PC software can be saved



Production line conveyor belt double rail


Welding method Contact (soldering iron) laser
Number of axes 4 standard axes, 2 additional axes (optional) 3 standard axes, 2 additional axes (optional)
range of movement X axis 300/400/500/600mm
Y axis 300/400/500mm
Z axis 100mm
R axis ±360°
Maximum speed*1 (PTP) X-axis, Y-axis 500mm/sec
Z axis 400mm/sec
R axis 900°/sec
drive mode stepper motor drive
program capacity Up to 999 groups of programs
Solder Condition Quantity 255 conditions 63 conditions
Applicable tin wire diameter*2 Φ0.3–1.2 (standard)
Φ0.5–1.0 (broken tin type)
Φ0.2–0.6, Φ0.8 (UPM-052)
Power supply (voltage)*3*4 Single-phase AC 100-120V/AC 220-240V, 50/60Hz


+ External DC 48V (depends on device supply)

power consumption 450W (AC power supply)
300W (DC 48V drive power supply)
200W (AC power supply)
440W (DC 48V drive power supply)
Air Dry air, 0.5Mpa (Max), Φ6 connector
working conditions Temperature: 5-40 degrees Celsius Humidity: 45-85% (no frost)
(without lines and protrusions)
Robot body


(without head)

Travel (Y axis) +693.1*


Stroke (X axis) +369.9*467.5mm

Travel (Y axis) +693.1*


Stroke (X axis) +369.9*477.0mm

robot controller 170*360*330mm
Solder Controller 148*320*136mm
weight Robot body 36.8kg max (depending on stroke) Maximum 35.1kg (depending on the stroke)
robot controller 8.0kg
Solder Controller 3.8kg

*1: Maximum speed varies depending on conditions

*2: Depending on the manufacturer and the material used, the diameter of the solder used may not be available, so a test beforehand is strongly recommended

*3: When using AC 220-240 V power supply voltage, the optional power supply unit assembly must be connected

*4: For the motor drive power supply, DC 48V is supplied externally in the 3-axis specification. In 4-axis specifications, DC 48V (X/Y axis) is supplied externally, and DC 24V (Z/R axis) is supplied from inside the controller.

*5: Power consumption is only for the robot unit. For the laser unit, please check the power consumption in a separate specification sheet, etc.

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