Lite Kit desktop soldering robot

Desktop soldering robot (economical type)

Economical desktop robot, compact ki

Configure desktop robot JR3304S-BC

Soldering Iron Tip Cleaning Box UJC-213
switch box simple start box
teaching panel (optional accessories)
PC software JRC-Points (optional)

 Blacket for USP5

Solder Controller USP5

Solder Controller USC-871
welding head UMC-093A (drag welding) 093AS (spot welding)
heater 100BHS/100BHL
tin feeder UPM-023
Tin tube PT**S-070 (**= tin wire diameter)




Solder Controller

high performance option

Broken tin feeder

Tin wire angle locking mechanism

nitrogen generator

nitrogen sleeve


spare parts


custom designed and available in series

Tin feeding tube
PT**S-070 (** tin wire diameter)

ND-**GP (** tin wire diameter)

Heater wire


 model  JR3304S-BC
 Number of movable axes  4 axes (synchronous control)
 movable range  X axis: 300mm
 Y axis: 320mm
 Z axis: 100mm
 R-axis: ±360°
 Maximum movable weight (workpiece)  15Kg
 Maximum moving speed (PTP)  X, Y axis: 900mm/sec.
 Z axis: 400mm/sec
 R-axis: 900°/sec
 Repeatability  X, Y-axis: ±0.01mm
 Z-axis: ±0.01mm
 R-axis: ±0.008°
 Workpiece size (maximum fixture size)  300mm×275mm (X,Y)
 X-axis table, the distance between the soldering iron tip and the table (Z axis direction)  When the welding head is UM-093A: 85mm
 When the welding head is UM-093AS: 85mm
 position teaching method  Position coordinate data direct input mode (MDI)
 Drive System  5-phase stepping motor drive
 teaching method  Teaching directly through the teach pendant
 It can also be taught in the Off-line state with a PC (optional accessory)
 program data  255 programs
 The maximum storage quantity of solder joints  30,000 solder joints*1
 Control System  PTP control, CP control
 Auxiliary computing functions  3-dimensional straight line auxiliary calculation, arc auxiliary calculation function
 External input and output (max.)  Input 24 points, output 24 points
 external interface  2 RS232C interfaces (1 for external PC; 1 for USP5)
 RS422 interface 1 (used to connect to the teach pendant)
 Simple PLC function  50 programs, each program can write 1000 step commands
 physical dimension  W: 432×D:435×H:783(mm)
 compressed air  Dry air 4~5kg/cm 2
 power supply  AC100~120V 50/60Hz 200W(VA)
 AC220-240V 50/60Hz 200W(VA)
 relative temperature  0~40℃
 relative humidity  20~95%(no frosting)
 weight  about 38kg

Solder Controller



model USP5
Soldering condition number 500
Soldering iron tip temperature range 200-450℃
Heater alarm value ±0-100°C variable
Heater Details 250W card slot heater
Use tin wire diameter Φ0.3-1.6 (standard)


Φ0.5-1.0 (broken tin type)

Tin feeding control Stepper Motor Control
Call the police The tin wire is used up, the tin wire is blocked, and the heater alarms

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