Is plastic metal separator OK? Principle of plastic metal separator



With more and more separator products on the market, many factory leaders do not know how to choose and purchase. Plastic metal separator is a mainstream product. What about plastic metal separator? Let's have a good understanding today!                                                                                                             
Plastic metal separator, ok
1. It can quickly separate various metals such as steel, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, etc.
2. Metal particles or long wires smaller than 0.4 mm can also be separated.
3. Installed on the production equipment, it can be protected multiple times to prevent metal particles from damaging the equipment.
4. It can be eliminated manually within seconds and is easy to clean.
5. Suitable exclusion structures are specially provided for slow velocity falling products such as fiber, very light and very rough products.
6. It has over 0.3ba overload practical application, meeting the requirements of high temperature and heat resistance.
Principle of plastic metal separator
Raw materials fall freely from the hopper or feeder and pass through the plastic masterbatch metal separator. If there are no metal impurities, the raw materials will directly pass through the sensing area of the plastic masterbatch metal separator and go directly to the storage bin. If the detector detects that there is metal in the raw materials, the diverter valve will act to divert the metal and a small amount of raw materials, and then the diverter plate will quickly return to the normal position. The speed of the diverter plate is adjustable, The sensing precision can be adjusted according to the production needs, even the metal particles as small as 0.4MM can be detected and separated.
Application of plastic metal separator
Metal separators are generally used by many plastic raw material suppliers. However, in recent years, metal separators have also been purchased by many plastic product manufacturers for their own use. Metal separators, as testing and filtering equipment, can filter out metal substances mixed in plastic raw materials. Both magnetic metals and non-magnetic metals can be well filtered out by metal separators, which is particularly suitable for some plastic suppliers, Most of the second-hand materials will leave some metal substances more or less after crushing. If they are not filtered out, the operation of the machine will be affected, or the injection molding machine will be damaged directly.
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